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Upcoming Projects

At the beginning of your construction project, every decision made is crucial to maximizing your investment. You have a vision for what you want your project to be and the results you want to achieve when it’s complete. When a team you trust is on board during these early days, your project is set up for success.  

Our integrated and collaborative approach to Design Phase/Preconstruction Services is part of our commitment to quality and designed to make your journey from preconstruction through project completion and beyond a truly exceptional experience.  Below are some projects that we have in the works.  Check back often for ongoing progress of each job.

Project: House on the Hill

Location: South Harwich, MA

Architect: Peter McDonald Architects

Starting in 2022 - This is a historic renovation.

Project: Golf Club

Location: Hyannisport, MA

Architect: Conathan Design

We are excited to dig into this new project by the Hyannisport Golf Club. Complete renovation with additions. 

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