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Historic Preservation

Historic Restoration & Preservation are some of Bilek Builders' greatest areas of expertise. We have been honored to be a part of restoring some of the Cape’s most noteworthy historic gems, which are such an integral part of the Cape’s architectural tapestry.


Working carefully with the different town's Historic Preservation Committees, many of these projects involved extensive & extremely fragile façade repair, meticulous craftsmanship and expert attention to detail in order to repair & expose the original beauty of these formerly dilapidated homes and bring them back to life.

Location: Old Village, Chatham, MA

Architect: Theodore P. Streibert, Streibert Associates

Originally built in 1810 by Asa Nye, this home has been owned by the same family for over 80 years.  This home underwent a major historical renovation, and was lifted and a full foundation installed.  This five bedroom home with historical sensitivities, was modernized with all of today’s amenities while retaining its past charm, and will continue to be enjoyed by this family.

To read more about the Chatham Preservation Award that we received for this project, click HERE.

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