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How Pet Accessories Can Enhance Your Home’s Décor

Most people associate their pet’s accouterments as eye sores. Who wants to look at an ugly dog bed in their living room, dog toys all over and food/water dishes on the floor of the kitchen? By choosing the right pet pieces, they can actually enhance your home’s décor.

A dog bed with a pretty fabric, similar to the theme of your home, can blend in and look purposeful. The picture below is an example, the blue starfish dog bed, carries the navy blue accent color and the coastal theme, look right at home in this Cape Cod sunroom. This Up Country dog bed can be purchased locally at Monomoy Horse & Dog in Harwichport, MA.

A pretty basket like this one made out of recycled Cape themed lobster pot rope, is a great and aesthetic way to corral your dog’s toys. Find your rope basket at New England Trading Company.

Raised dog feeders are another way to reduce clutter and provide storage. Bilek Builders custom made dog feeder, with beadboard matches this client's kitchen, and is a conversation piece.

Incorporating your pet’s needs into your home can be fun, and if done right can look like it was planned with your interior decorator.

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